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Tranthony Groomia 60th birthday prank call

Mean spirited Reddit troll prank calls Anthony on his birthday; Brother Joe calls in to give his retarded take shortly afterwards.

Tranthony Groomia 61st birthday prank call

Not much has changed. Anthony Cumia is still a racist pedophile alcoholic rapist who bites women and gets fucked in the ass by mentally ill young boys and sends welfare checks to his failed musician brother so that he can molest his niece.

Dave Landau prank call

Reddit troll calls podcast that nobody watches to ask Dave Landau questions about his wife, who is fat.

Dave Landau call aftermath

Dave continues to grumble about the troll who called his wife fat.

Morning Show

Concerned citizen warns the world of Anthony Cumia's alleged pedophilia.

Anthony Cumia's disturbing revelations

Anthony reveals numerous disturbing details about himself and his brother